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    • Winter Sweet (Hodosan Winter Sweet Garden)

      Nature(Flowers)Winter Sweet (Hodosan Winter Sweet Garden)

      Fragrant flowers of about 2000 winter sweet trees bloom. The little elegant yellow flowers...


    • Kawagoe Festival House

      FestivalsKawagoe Festival House

      This House was founded to hand down the tradition of the Kawagoe Festival,which has a proud history of more than 350 years,to succeeding ...


    • Kawagoe Kitain Temple

      Temples and ShrinesKawagoe Kitain Temple

      This is the headquarters of the Tendai sect temples in the Kanto area. The temple possesses many national important treasures, including the main hall ...


    • Nagatoro Whitewater Boating

      Nature(mountains and rivers)Nagatoro Whitewater Boating

      Experience the thrill of shooting down the snaking rapids and the dynamic natural scenery along the river. The Arakawa River provides ...


  • Chichibu Hot Spring

    Hot SpringsChichibu Hot Spring

    In Chichibu, a hot spring resort closest to Tokyo, there are many new hot springs, in addition to the old Chichibu seven hot springs, which have been excavated recently and include Otaki Hot Spring ...


  • Seibu Chichibu Nakamise Shopping Promenade

    Amusement Parks and ShoppingSeibu Chichibu Nakamise Shopping Promenade

    his is a fashionable shopping area directly connected to the station, which houses a variety of shops centering on fashion and including culture and daily food stores.


  • Toki no Kane

    History/Places of historical interestToki no Kane

    This is a time bell, a symbol of Kawagoe, which has been telling the time to people in the castle town since the Edo period. The current bell is said to be the fourth one ...


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    • Chichibu area

      Chichibu area

      Chichibu's places of interest are introduced. Chichibu is a town where Japan's oldest coins, Wado Kaichin, were struck and where massive merchants' houses ...


    • Kawagoe area

      Kawagoe area

      Kawagoe, commonly called Koedo, is a popular day sightseeing spot from downtown Tokyo. The charm of Kawagoe is fully explored here, including ...


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    • Chichibu 2 Day Pass

      Chichibu 2 Day Pass

      This is a set of tickets comprising a round-trip ticket from any station on the Seibu lines and Ashigakubo Station...


    • Free coupon

      Free coupon

      This is a set of tickets containing a round-trip ticket from any station on the Seibu lines to Hon-Kawagoe Station and a free ticket ...


Seibu Railway Area Map

Seibu railway area map

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